A well-known food manufacturing company is looking for a distribution manager. the incumbent will be responsible for managing all aspects of the distribution department, ensuring that customer expectations are met with regard to productivity, quality, safety and on time delivery. should you have any questions please contact Kaylin or Antoinette on 0861 FENRIS (336747).


Distribution Area Management.
Ensure that all documentation and applicable reports are updated daily and communicated to all involved (trip sheets, vehicle check sheets etc.)
Ensure that the process of the capturing and communicating of any incidents, delays, or non-compliance by delivery drivers from the debrief clerk for further investigation is effective and efficient (delivery comments report, event acknowledgement, non-compliance, etc.).
Ensure that there is a high level of communication with all departments and that reports are submitted within specified time frames (changes to the plan, corrective action taken, etc.).
Oversee all processes and distribution activities.
Maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of company vehicles.
Implementing and Control of Distribution Processes (Including new processes for new products).
Ensure compliance with customer specifications, quality standards, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), FSSC22000, safety, health and environmental.
Ensure all fleets complies to R638 regulations governing general hygiene requirements for food premises, the transport of food and related matters.
Participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of lean production standards within the facility.
Manage the process effectively to ensure that all drivers are equipped and trained to minimize unnecessary variable costs related to the vehicle through bad driving habits (over speeding, harsh braking, excessive idling, etc.)
Ensure that the control of the dispatch process is done effectively and efficiently to ensure that all vehicles are dispatched on their timeslots as per the plan.
Ensure that all assigning of drivers and driver assistants is done optimally and efficiently to ensure the crew and drivers assigned complete their daily deliveries within an assigned sequence, within the specified time frame and planned kilometers.
Record, compile and manage driver performances to minimize fleet and distribution costs.
Customer Service Management:
Ensure that the plan of the customer delivery sequence is done effectively and efficiently and according to the parameters set up to ensure a high level of customer service (store- opening times, timeslots, closing times, etc.).
Ensure that the process of allocation of drivers and driver assistants to routes is done effectively and efficiently to ensure that drivers and driver assistants who are allocated are capable of completing their deliveries and that they know the area of delivery (demographic allocation, etc.)
Planning & Processes:
Ensure that the planning is done optimally to provide excellent service to the customers and routes are optimal using dynamic planning to ensure that the lowest operational cost is incurred (kilometres, delivery time, quantity of vehicles used, etc.).
Ensure that the plan for the allocation of vehicles, drivers and driver assistants is done effectively by the route planners to ensure that no or minimal risk is incurred (rest periods, pool of workers, medically fit workers, correct vehicle types, etc.).
Ensure that the plan of the vehicle loads is effective and efficient to ensure that the capacity is fully utilized and that no traffic laws or contracts are breached (over loading etc.)
Ensure that the incidents and driver shortages are investigated and finalized within the stipulated time (invalid and outstanding Pod’s)
Ensure that picking and loading procedures are adhered to eliminate shortages.
Resource Management:
Identify resource needs.
Ensure that the equipping and training of drivers is done effectively and efficiently to minimize accidents and understand the Road Traffic rules of the road (K53 – following distance, observation, etc.)
Ensure that ALL new staff resources are trained by the Technical Team by informing Technical of any new appointments (Temporary or permanent).
Supervise and motivate distribution Supervisors, drivers, pickers etc.
Ensure Dispatch Supervisors perform as per their KPI’s.
Monitor and review the performance of the Dispatch team and organize necessary intervention for improvement.
Identify training needs and arrange for training (Internal/ External).


Distribution/Logistics Management qualification or equivalent experience.
Stock control.
KPI Knowledge.
5-7 Years of directly related logistics distribution experience.
Good Microsoft office experience.
Retail and DC knowledge is also critical.
Strong system understanding.

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