Body Language

Body Language

When you are being interviewed for a potential job opportunity, your body language could make or break the deal when the employer decides whether or not to hire you.

Here are some tips on acceptable body language when going for an interview:

Have a firm handshake

The very first thing you should do is offer the interviewer a firm handshake. Weak handshakes reflect poorly on you and you may appear unreliable. Be careful not to crush the interviewer’s hand though.

Remember to smile

Smiling can help you during the interview as it can make you appear more friendly and approachable.

Retain good posture

Having good posture shows that you are confident and prepared. Hold your head high when you walk, and do not slouch in the chair while you are waiting for the interviewer, as you will also make an impression on other employees.

Do not fidget

Fidgeting makes you seem nervous, and portrays a lack of confidence. Although you may very well be nervous during the interview, do your best not to show it.

Maintain eye contact

Always maintain strong eye contact during the interview. A lack of eye contact can make you seem untrustworthy. However, don’t stare at the interviewer and create an uncomfortable situation.


Listen carefully to the questions that the interviewer is asking, and then answer appropriately. Don’t waffle as the interviewers may lose interest. If you do not understand the question that is being asked, ask them to repeat it or rephrase it.

Be aware of the space around you

Don’t sit or stand too close to the interviewer, as this may appear to be pushy. Don’t sit or stand too far away either, as this may make you appear to be off. Maintaining the right distance from others is vital if you want to give off the right signals.


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