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Below are some of the most common questions applicants ask about going through a recruitment agency. If you still haven’t found the information you’re looking for, feel free to contact us should you have any additional queries.

Why should I use a recruitment agency?

Employment agencies become like your agent. If you have general queries, issues with your placement or need to negotiate benefits, salary or commissions, we will work with you and for you.

How will I benefit from using a recruitment agency like Fenris Personnel as a career-seeker?

Recruitment agencies are able to help with valuable career advice. When you begin your search for a job, it is important that you understand, among other things, how your skill set fits into the current market and what remuneration you should expect. A credible recruitment consultancy is also able to manage the entire job search process for you, from finding new opportunities and organising interviews and references, to giving advice and helping you move into your next role.

What are the processes and procedures that are followed during the recruitment process?



Send us your CV

  1. After responding to a job, your CV is sent into our database.
  2. If you are a possible match to the job, we’ll arrange a direct interview with you in our offices.

An interview at Fenris Personnel

  1. This interview determines whether or not you are a match for the position.
  2. You can also ask all of your questions about the company and the vacancy.
  3. If you are a match for the job, we’ll prepare your CV and send it through to the client.

Client Interview

  1. If the client confirms that they would like to interview you, we’ll brief you about the company and the vacancy. This is a good time to ask all of your questions so that you can be properly prepared.

After the interview

  • We will follow up with you, as well as the client after the interview to see how the interview went.
  • If the client thinks you’re successful, we will discuss the salary and benefits with you.
  • After accepting the job, you’ll need to sign a Letter of Appointment, which will be returned to the client to show that you accept the job offer.

If there is no fee for me, who pays the recruitment agency?

The client will pay the recruitment fee after the vacancy has been successfully filled.

I have an interview with a consultant at Fenris Personnel- what preparation do I have to do for the interview?

Dress appropriately for the interview, and treat it as preparation for your interview with a prospective employer. Please ensure that you arrive 10 minutes before the interview is scheduled, in case any paperwork needs to be filled out. Make sure you also bring a copy of your CV, ID, driver’s license, matric certificate and all other qualifications with you.


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