Areas of Expertise

HR Business Partner – Change Facilitator – HR and IR – Operations – Manufacturing –  Supply – Productivity improvements – Cost Control – Managing Finance – Coach and Mentor – People management – Project Manager – Business management – Contract management



Professional Profile

name is an expert organiser and is able to effectively lead a team through change. He is an adept problem solver who is able to place a solution on the table in the short term, but can also ‘sleep on it’ and get a sustainable long term solution implemented. names’s exposure in spheres of HR, Manufacturing and Senior management has provided him the ability to run a business efficiently, and is able to execute plans to reach core business needs with diligence and control.

Executive Summary

name comes across as a very serious person, but has quite a dry sense of humour often missed on people. His driven nature pushes toward new learning on a continual basis. Never satisfied with status quo, he tries to always improve delivery. Previous positions required that name assist with strong solutions, but it was always done in an honourable and polite manner even though some of the challenges were adverse.names’s knowledge of managing finance, people and manufacturing at a senior level has provided him a wide perspective on business. This perspective has made him a strong manager, a skilled cost controller, good coach and decisive project leader.

Career Summary

name grew as a leader and influencer while learning to make coatings and paint. That has been over a twenty year path. The thing is, he grew to become an adept business partner as well; managing finances, people and productive teams. names’s career path then progressed and developed as he moved through various positions and functions. Always hungry to learn, name found he could apply himself in a number of other areas and stretched into projects, then supply, and even law. Finally finding himself self employed and doing business in multiple facets, including recruitment as one of them.

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